When Selecting an App ” Choose the New Windows App!

When you choose a mobile handset, subconsciously you choose an application too. A mobile set without a proper application is a lamp without the flame on.

Do you like to play games on your mobile phone? The Windows application may be a good choice for you. Windows provides more than 4500 free games, along with applications and themes.

Do you like to remain connected to the internet through your cell phone? Windows is a cleat solution. You will also be able to maintain social contacts. Financial activities are not ignored either. So with a Windows mobile you are fully prepared to act and react at the right time.

GPS navigation enables you to navigate yourself anywhere on the globe. You can-t get lost even if you want to! Weather forecasts will help you to remain in the know on your travels, too!

Windows Mobile has introduced some interesting features in the new version, and these are all free.

‘Shopping ware: It-s so easy and friendly to use!
‘Drop to windows: Copies files to Windows directory.
‘F1 2011 Mobile: Provides all information relating to the 2011 Formula 1 calendar.

So, all in all, Windows mobile is an endless mine of fantastic resources.

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